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A smile is individual and characteristic to each person.

Deepti is passionate about creating smiles which enhance what is already there and bespoke to each person. To create bespoke smiles, she feels it pivotal that each patient has creative control and input on their own smile design process and journey.

Smile makeovers can be so variable between people, and each smile makeover journey is bespoke and personalised to address your worries. Be it a little brightness booster with whitening, or even some discreet teeth straightening with Invisalign, or veneers and crowns– with modern day dentistry, there are a whole array of options which could help you achieve your dream smile and a new confident you.

To help create bespoke smiles for her patients, Deepti guides her patients through the following path:

Step 1 – The cosmetic consultation

This is a relaxed consultation, where Deepti looks to find out what your main worries about your smile are. Along with taking clinical photographs and digital scans of your smile, which allows Deepti to be able to fully assess and plan the next stages of your smile journey for you, a detailed examination is also completed. Digital Smile Design is then used to provide you with a simulation of your potential result.

Step 2 – Trial Smile

Based on the smile simulation shown to you, a wax preview is created. This “wax mock up” can then be used to create a trial smile which is transferred using a temporary type of material directly into your mouth. This is a crucial stage, as seeing your planned smile on a model is not enough, whilst the transfer into your mouth means you can assess your new potential smile in a much more realistic manner, without committing to anything further at this stage.

Deepti would then discuss the various treatment options with you to help achieve this beautiful new smile.

Step 3 – Preparation and treatment

If as part of your chosen treatment, you have chosen to have crowns / veneers / bridges, then your teeth are prepared for these. An impression or digital scan is taken for the crowns/veneers/bridges and this is sent to have these beautifully created bespoke for your smile and in accordance with your earlier smile design.

Temporaries are placed in the meantime for you until your next appointment.

Step 4 – The final fitting

Once your crowns / veneers / bridges have been beautifully created and delivered, then your temporaries are removed and your final restorations fitted. You can then start smiling confidently with your new beautiful smile.

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