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A veneer is a very thin ‘contact-lens’ type shell of customised ceramic that is glued onto the surface of your own natural tooth.

They are carefully hand-crafted by a technician, and coloured and shaped to mimic natural teeth. A very minimal amount of tooth preparation is sometimes performed to ensure there is sufficient space for the veneer on your tooth surface. In certain situations, no tooth preparation may be needed.

Each veneer can be adjusted in size and shape to make your teeth look longer or more uniform in shape.

Veneers are perfect at hiding any chipped, cracked or stained teeth. The beauty of veneers is that they are made to look like your own natural teeth.

Depending on your smile and what type of changes you wish for, either a single veneer can be fitted for a local concern, or a whole series of veneers for a much larger change to your overall smile.

If you choose to have porcelain veneers, you will go through the smile design process with Dr Deepti. This involves accurate scans of your teeth being taken along with photographs, to allow a proposed model of your new veneers to be designed.

If you choose to have porcelain veneers you will go through a smile design process involving clinical photographs and accurate moulds and models of your teeth, so you will see and feel how porcelain veneers may feel and look in your mouth.

You may then choose to experience a “Trial Smile”. This allows you to be able to try out a temporary mock-up of your veneers in your mouth. This is done without any damage or preparation to your teeth and it enables you to be able to try out the idea of having porcelain veneers before deciding if it something you want to go ahead with. The “Trial Smile’ stage is also useful as it allows Dr Deepti to make any small adjustments as you desire which can then be transferred into your actual definitive veneers, when these are made.

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